Lexi Crane

Lexi-Crane.jpg1Lexi Crane, age 3 of Caribou was diagnosed at 2 1/2 with Hirschprung’s Disease, a congenital condition in which the rectum and the colon fail to develop a normal system of nerves. This condition has caused Lexi a great deal of pain and misery which have led to many sleepless nights.

Since birth Lexi has had many surgeries one of which was to remove part of her intestine and another to add a colostomy bag. Thanks to the care of her specialists and surgeons Lexi has since had the colostomy bag removed and is ecstatic to “see her belly button once again”.

Lexi enjoys spending time with her guinea pigs, playing with her doll babies and pretend “going to school”.

In addition to her parents, Katie Jandreau, James Crane and her siblings, Lexi has received constant support from her grandparents, aunts and uncles and her continually growing facebook family.