2017 Heroes


Makenna Pelletier

Makenna, daughter of Chad & Danielle Pelletier of Fort Kent, has been struggling with esophageal stricture , a narrowing of the esophagus, since age 7 months. This condition has impeded her ability to eat solid foods. To correct the situation Makenna has undergone 8 esophageal dilations every 3 months for 21 months. Unfortunately for Makenna ,the treatments didn't stop there. At age 3, Makenna was diagnosed with brain stem glioma ( tumor which grow on the brain stem). To combat this disease she is currently undergoing 1O weekly cycles of chemo therapy.

During treatments Makenna's immune system is compromised so she is unable to go to public pools, zoos or parks. In addition, the tumors have affected her legs resulting in weakness and loss of strength both of which she is currently receiving occupational and physical therapy for.

Makenna is supported by her friends and family who say she is an, "absolute trooper" and despite her 3 hour long treatments never complains. Mom adds that every new person Makenna meets falls in love with her, and she is constantly making the doctors and nurses laugh as she is, "quite a character & has a great attitude".

When not receiving medical care, Makenna loves to play with her dollhouse, color, make crafts and ride on the 4-wheeler with her mommy & daddy. She also enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Puppy Dog Pals & Caillou.

Makenna is currently in the process of having her wish granted to meet her all time favorite character Minnie Mouse! And to date we are happy to report that Makenna's tumors are shrinking. Way to go Makenna!

Makenna was nominated by the staff of The Cubby in Madawaska: Edie Bellefleur, Karen Cyr, Mikayla Michaud and Torry Millette.

*To nominate a child living with a chronic or life threatening illness pick up an application at one of our stores or visit us at www.thecubby.org


Alyssa Sucier

Alyssa, daughter of David & Nikki Saucier of Caribou recently underwent surgery to have a malignant tumor removed from her brain. Unfortunately, surgeons were only able to do a partial removal as the mass infringed on her brain stem. Following two weeks of post op rehab, and weekly appointments with occupational and physical therapists, Alyssa strives to overcome double vision, tremors and balance all which affect her daily life.

Drawing, playing soccer and driving once effortless are now very difficult and while discouraged and scared at times Alyssa remains optimistic that with each new day comes new hope of change.

Alyssa enjoys time with her boyfriend, parents, siblings, family friends, and family on her mother's side and although she continues her education from home looks forward to graduating from CHS this year.

If you happen to see Alyssa grabbing a cop of coffee or socializing on line be sure to greet this remarkable young lady and applaud her for her bravery in the face of adversity.