About Us

Did you know The Cubby…

  • Raises monies for CubbyGives to help families of children with life threatening illnesses.
  • Works with local agencies, auxiliaries, charities, and churches providing physical donations to help families in need.
  • Sends items directly to the sales floor for local purchase, does not sell items on eBay, or reserve antique or unique items for special buyers.
  • Offers a return policy with in-store credit, holds on large merchandise with only 20% down, free pickup, and affordable delivery service.
  • Requires all staff to wait five days before purchasing an item of interest from the floor, allowing patrons to enjoy the best selection.
  • Is a green organization that sends very little to the landfill by working with families in need, local animal shelters, 3rd world programs and recycling metal & cloth with very little of what is donated going to waste.
  • Has a dedicated staff that works hard to create an enjoyable, clean, and cost friendly experience for all our patrons.
  • The Cubby Thriftstore
    Don't be surprised if you walk into a Cubby Thriftstore and find it a little different than you expected, because The Cubby is dedicated to providing quality, gently used items at pocketbook-friendly prices. Every item donated — whether new, antique, or unique — goes directly to the sales floor. This is why so many people are amazed by the variety of items available at The Cubby. So don't miss out, and be sure to join the Culture of Smart Thrifting!
    Our organization is driven with heart and fueled by your donations. If your home or work needs a place for gently used items, then stop by one of our Cubby locations to do a drop off. We also offer free pick up of larger items. We are a green company finding good homes for our donations, while sending very little to the landfill.
    We accept...
    Clothing, Shoes and Boots, Tapes, Appliances, Hardware, Beds, TVs, Books, Furniture, Jewelry, DVD/CDs, Electronics, Tables, Stereos, and more. We also offer free pickup and affordable delivery.
    Helping the Community
    Our mission is children, but need is everywhere. Whether it is helping families with clothing, animal shelters with bedding and stuffed animals, or assisting 3rd world programs, we recognize the importance of giving. We can't solve every problem but we can contribute to the solution.
    Looking to the Future
    The Cubby is about families helping families. We invite you to join our family and experience the culture of The Cubby, whether you are shopping for great deals, dropping off gently used items, or donating to CubbyGives at the register.