2016 Heroes


Cooper Gilliam

Cooper Gilliam, Age 13 of Presque Isle- was identified as legally blind at age 4 months. Since diagnosis Cooper has had 2 surgeries, one in each eye, and has made numerous trips to Bangor, Portland and Boston for additional treatments.

Although fiercely independent, Cooper does require constant supervision which includes his parents, Francis & Rick Luciano, extended family members and many teachers, workers and friends.

Cooper loves Star Wars and riding his bike, is known for his contagious, happy smile and is described by mom as, "an amazing little boy that has taught me many things about not giving up when times get rough".

*Cooper was awarded an electric scooter through the Hero Program.


Aria Brown

Aria Brown, age 2 of Wallagrass was diagnosed at birth with Cerebral Palsy. As a result, this young quadriplegic receives care under an extensive team of medical providers where she travels to Scarborough, Bangor, Oakland, Presque Isle and Fort Kent frequently.

Despite receiving Botox injections to help with her muscle stiffness, and being very dependent upon her family and care givers for her daily needs, Aria remains a very happy child who enjoys watching movies, listening to music, playing with toys and spending time with her parents, Chris & Ashley Brown. Aria however, does get frustrated and upset when she is unable to reach for things or grasp toys and dislikes being left alone or time away from her mother.

Aria is described as a "very brave, young lady just beginning life's journey," who with a team of dedicated providers, case management supports and the love of her family and friends will strive and succeed.

Aria was awarded $100 through the Cubby Gives program along with the purchase of an adaptive bathing chair.

If you know of a child with a chronic or life threatening illness and would like to see them nominated for the Hero of the month program contact Cindy Johnson at: cindy@thecubby.org or 760-7070.


Dylan Gantnier

Dylan Gantnier, age 9 of Sherman was recently diagnosed with Aldo Vera Rhabdomyo Sarcoma, an aggressive growing tumor found on his heart. At age 6 Dylan fought a similar battle when doctors found cancer in his arm tissues and lymph nodes. While Dylan won that battle family and friends are hopeful he will come out victorious once again.

Dylan receives the majority of his medical care in Bangor and Boston and to date has undergone chemotherapy, radiation and heart surgery. As a result of these visits, and chronic fatigue Dylan has missed a great deal of school. He also struggles with anxiety and fears dying. Something no nine year old should experience.

Dylan enjoys playing on his Xbox, Playstation, loves to cook and staying in touch with family through the use of his computer. He also had his wish granted to visit Disneyland and Universal Studios through the Make a Wish Program of Maine.

Despite these overwhelming odds Dylan remains optimistic that he will win his battle and is supported by family and community members who have assisted the family with transportation costs including keeping the driveway plowed so they can make their winter appointments.

Dylan is described by his nana, "as a very kind hearted and loving child who likes to help people".

Through the Cubby Gives Hero Program Dylan was recognized with a 20" bike which he looks forward to using very soon.


Zachary Bearor

Zachary Bearor, age 13 of Island falls was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma, a tumor which grows on the brain. What began as 'just headaches' was identified through a biopsy as cancer. Since his recent diagnosis, and in an attempt to save Zach's life, surgeons have removed a large part of the tumor growth.

Presently, Zach is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation five days a week which will last for a period of six weeks. Because of his treatments, and numerous doctor appointments, Zach is unable to participate in the many activities he once enjoyed: playing the trumpet, riding his bike and time rough housing with his friends. Zach has also had to brave great anxiety and fear related to his illness.

Zach enjoys putting Lego's together, watching cartoons, playing games on his Xbox 1, listening to Christian music and watching his favorite movie God is Not Dead. Zach is currently in the process of having his wish granted to visit LegoLand in Florida.

Zach is described by his parents, Kevin & Bunny Bearor as "an incredibly caring and kind son who even while hurting wishes to give and do for others" and who, "Lights up their world."

Zach was nominated for the Hero of the Month program by good family friend Ruth Frazier and received $100 through the Cubby Thriftstores that he may pick out and purchase all the Legos he wants.


Mackenzie Moro

Mackenzie Moro, 9, Ashland was diagnosed with Langerhan's Cell Histiocytosis at age 6. Since diagnosis, she has had a tumor on her right hip removed and to date has been tumor free for three years!

Mackenzie lives by the motto, " Don't dis my abilities," and is involved in a facebook challenge called "Pie in the Face," which raises awareness and funds for LCH. In addition, Mackenzie has been recognized by Histiocytosis Association Founder, Jeff Toughill for her awareness building, and fundraising efforts.

To learn more visit www.histio.org

We commend Mackenzie for her great advocacy work!


Noah Love

Noah Love, 6, Caribou has many diagnosis' including cerebral palsy & intractable epilepsy. Noah has undergone numerous surgeries and is currently a candidate for brain surgery.

While unable to participate in many activities, Noah did participate in the Special Olympics despite having a seizure just moments before!
Noah is supported by his parents, Sarah & Justin Love, as well as extended family members, physicians & teachers.

Noah loves anything to do with the water, is obsessed with his favorite show Paw Patrol, and eagerly anticipates having his Wish granted thru Make a Wish of Maine.


Koden Caron

Koden Caron, age 4 of Houlton was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at age 2. Koden, son of Danny Caron and Angie Hafford, is described as an amazing kind-hearted little boy with a heart of gold.

Non-verbal, Koden struggles with his inability to communicate with family, friends, and peers and has little to no awareness and often tends to wander off. In addition, Koden likes to have everything a certain way and gets frustrated when it is not.

Although unable to go to school, mom states that Koden has great supports in place. Speech and occupational therapy, Circle of Learning, CDS, WINGS, and the CHIPPY center. In addition, he has a great circle of family and friends who have all helped in Koden's progress.

Koden enjoys playing Legos with his two siblings, Wynter and Chace. He also loves using his toy construction equipment. Koden loves Mighty Machines, Paw Patrol, Spongebob, and Scooby Doo.


Dayna Dixon

Dayna Dixon, daughter of Bethany York & Dwight Dixon, passed away at
the tender age of five months from complications of the heart.

Dayna, born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, underwent two corrective surgeries on her heart including the placement of a stint not long after birth.

Dayna was dearly loved by her parents, grandparents and church family and is described as having a sweet smile to go with her sweet personality. Dayna will be dearly missed.


Lexi Crane

Lexi Crane, age 3 of Caribou was diagnosed at 2 1/2 with Hirschprung's Disease, a congenital condition in which the rectum and the colon fail to develop a normal system of nerves. This condition has caused Lexi a great deal of pain and misery which have led to many sleepless nights.
Since birth Lexi has had many surgeries one of which was to remove part of her intestine and another to add a colostomy bag. Thanks to the care of her specialists and surgeons Lexi has since had the colostomy bag removed and is ecstatic to "see her belly button once again".
Lexi enjoys spending time with her guinea pigs, playing with her doll babies and pretend "going to school".

In addition to her parents, Katie Jandreau, James Crane and her siblings, Lexi has received constant support from her grandparents, aunts and uncles and her continually growing facebook family.

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