2015 Heroes


Levi Roy

Levi Roy , age 7 weeks, son of Lacy Anderson and Greg Roy of Wallagrass, was born pre-mature at 30 weeks with tracheo-esophageal fistula and atresia, respiratory distress syndrome and heart defects. Since his birth on April 14th he has been receiving care at Maine Medical Center. Born weighing a mere 2 pounds Levi has undergone numerous testing and procedures, three surgeries with two more scheduled over the next couple of months, as well as, five blood transfusions.

In addition to the continual care of his providers and nurturing of his parents this special young man has had many visits from grandparents, aunts and uncles, extended family and friends and has been the recent recipient of $500 from the CubbyGives program (formerly the Cubby Fund) and has been nominated the June Hero of the Month by his parents who call him, "a hero and fighter who deserves the world for all he has gone through." Levi does have a fundraising account set up with GOFUNDME.


Patience Nightingale

Patience Nightingale, age 13, of Presque Isle, was diagnosed at age 12 with a high grade glioma. Despite spinal surgeries, radiation and aggressive chemotherapy treatments Patience once active and outgoing is now paraplegic. Paralyzed from the waist down Patience struggles with her new medical condition but strives to be independent. Patience currently receives the love and support of her parents, Chrissy Paul and Micheal Michaud, her grandmother Abby Paul and close friends and family. She enjoys arts and crafts, drawing and designing clothing. One of her dreams is to move to New York City and become a fashion designer. Patience is best described by her mother as ," the sweetest person in the world," who loves and excels at school (a straight A student),loves and admires her teachers and is loved by them.

Along with receiving $100 as a hero of the month Patience's family also received $500 to assist with medical expenses.


Katie Strid

Katie Strid, age 14 of Caribou, was diagnosed at age 11 with early- onset primary torsion dystonia (DYT1) a disease which causes uncontrollable movements of the muscle, abnormal twisting and tremors. Katie currently undergoes weekly physical therapy, medication treatments along with bi-monthly visits to a neurologist. She is also consulting with a neurosurgeon to undergo DBS (Deep Brain Stimulation) a very risky surgery performed on the brain while awake. Katie is supported by her mother Shelly and her father Tony Strid, who lost a 10 year old nephew to this disease. Katie enjoys music, numerous television shows , books by Rick Riordin and despite missing 2/3 of her past school year managed to earn highest honors. Katie's biggest wish is to spread awareness and educate others about Dystonia. To learn more go to: https://www.dystonia-foundation.org/

Katie was nominated by family friend Sam Landeen of Caribou and received $100.


Faith McNally

Faith McNally, age 8 of Island Falls, was diagnosed at birth with Spinal Bifida. Since then she has had numerous surgeries to correct the many defects caused by this disorder and continues to see specialists in Boston as new complications arise.

Her adoptive parents, Bruce and Beverly McNally, have shared that despite Faith's restrictions to a wheelchair she remains "bright, loving and social," in addition they credit her great attitude to the wonderful support of family and friends which include her Dyer Brook Community Church family.
In addition to receiving great care from her providers, Faith does receive outstanding transportation from PAL (Patient Airlift Services) who have flown her from Houlton to Boston numerous times.

Faith loves horseback riding, visiting her sister's farm, going to camp and cats and was awarded a gift in the amount of $100 along with a video monitor from The Cubby Thriftstores.


TJ Lovely

TJ Lovely, age 15 of Westfield, was recently diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma. Since diagnosis TJ has had 3 biopsies, received treatments in Bangor, Brewer & Boston and has had surgery to remove a tumor the family thought to be inoperable.

Since the diagnosis TJ has missed out on a lot of social aspects: his middle school graduation, time with friends for fear of catching a cold, and he no longer has the stamina t o participate in sports. And while TJ is no longer able to attend school he credits the continuation of his education to his tutor Christa Galipeau, "who manages to always leave him laughing and happy."

TJ is. "a roll with the punches," type of young man who understands his illness and what it entails, and is grateful for the love and support of his parents.

Once treatments are done TJ will have his Make a Wish granted to go to Hawaii. In the meantime he really enjoys playing on his I Pad and video games (both good distractions) and continues to persevere despite his many treatments and trials.

TJ is the son of Parrish Lovely and Holle Colter.

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