2014 Heroes


Brody Michaud

Brody Michaud, age 11, of Fort Kent son of Crystal Michaud, was born with an aortic stenosis and currently meets monthly with cardiologists throughout the state to closely monitor his heart. Born with this condition Brody fatigues easily with physical activities and often struggles to keep up with his peers limiting his interactions. Brody will need open heart surgery within the next few years to replace his valve and relies on the support of his family members who recognize him as, "a wonderful child with a zest for life."

In addition to his physical condition Brody struggles with ADHD and Autism but despite his limitations manages to do what most of his peers can and finds great joy in his pets, Spook and Max along with playing his IPad.

Brody was awarded $100 by The Cubby Fund as the January Hero of the month.


Devon Maynard

Devon Maynard, 15 of Washburn son of Jennie Bouchard, was diagnosed at age 6 with cholesteatoma a destructive, abnormal tissue growth that typically occurs in the middle ear causing hearing impairment. Devon has had numerous surgeries to help him hear better but notwithstanding these procedures Devon still needs the assistance of hearing aids in both ears to make sounds loud enough for him distinguish. Without his left hearing aid Devon has no access to sound on his left side.

Unlike most teenagers, Devon cannot really hear music. However, through the generosity of The Cubby Fund Devon received an IPod (valued at $200). With this device he can now connect his hearing aid through a wireless Bluetooth which will allow him to hear music well for the first time.

Along with music Devon loves art, sports and video games and was nominated for The Hero of the Month program by Polly Earl, Consultant for the Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.




Makayla Gagnon

Makayla Gagnon, age 6, of Mapleton daughter of Matthew and Misty Gagnon, was diagnosed in 2013 with Type 1 Diabetes when her blood sugars were elevated to 907 (the norm being around 100). Makayla fatigues very easily and finds prolonged physical activities to be draining; she also struggles with blurred vision due fluctuating sugar levels. Makayla also travels extensively to meet with specialists throughout the state and misses the normalcy she once experienced. Makayla loves arts and crafts, singing and playing outside. She is also a fan of the movie "Frozen." Makayla has a wonderful supportive family: her Memere, the staff at Mapleton Elementary, and all the "Gagnon family" who love her very much.

Along with receiving $100 The Cubby Fund also purchased a Digital Monitor to assist the family in their care for Makayla. If you know of a child with a chronic or life threatening illness and would like to nominate them for the Hero of the Month program go to www.thecubby.org or call 768-6200.


Allison Spooner

Allison Spooner, Age 3 of Houlton was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2013. Along with taking medication daily, Allison travels to Maine Medical Partners Neurology in Scarborough frequently for continual care. A single seizure will drain Allison of all energy causing this toddler to sleep the day away. Allison has also suffered a major seizure in which she stopped breathing. The magnitude of her seizures also makes her prone for Todd's paralysis, a paralysis which can cause weakness to one side of the body.

Allison, while not fully understanding of her condition, enjoys time with her grandparents, playing with her friends, outside trips to the park; watching Dora, My Little Pony and Jake the Pirate. She is described by her mother, Leah Codrey as, "a very loving child who tries to live life to the fullest" and to date has been seizure free for 11 weeks!

Allison was the recipient of $100 on behalf of The Cubby Fund as well as additional assistance.


Christopher King

Christopher King, age 17 of Presque Isle, was born with hydrophalus also known as "water on the brain", a medical condition in which there is an abnormal accumulation of fluid in the cavities of the brain and is commonly treated with the placement of a shunt. Christopher also struggles with Cerebral Palsy, Spinal muscular atrophy and severe deformity of the spine and hips which causes him intense, chronic pain daily. However, this young man rarely complains and continues to remain optimistic despite having undergone 18 surgeries and numerous visits to specialists. Although 17, Chris has the mentality of a five year old and while he does not fully understand his condition it does pain him when others stare at him because in the eyes of his mother Sandra and twin sister Caitlyn all they see is a wonderful, loving young man.

Chris had his wish granted through Make A Wish of Maine to be famous for a day and was treated famously by the city of Presque Isle. Nominated for The Cubby Hero of the month program by his mother Sandra, Chris enjoyed an afternoon of shopping at the Presque Isle Cubby as well as WalMart (donators of a $50 gift card ) where he stocked up on clothing, snacks and western and super hero movies.


Roger York

Roger York III, age 13, of Fort Fairfield born weighing only 1 lb. was diagnosed early with Downs Syndrome accompanied by blindness and an inability to speak. Roger has undergone several surgeries, including an eye surgery to help him see better. Unfortunately, the surgery did not take and Roger remains blind. Life for Roger is very difficult as he cannot see, talk or play with other children the way other 13 year old boys do. Mom has said that, "looking at other boys his age and knowing what Roger is missing out on in life is sad. He depends on us to help him every day."

Roger, described as a very loveable and caring young man, is supported by his parents, Laurie and Roger York as well as his two sisters Mindy and Macy who enjoy spending time with their brother. Roger enjoys country music, attending the OTC program in Presque Isle and spending time with his family. Roger was awarded $100 on behalf of The Cubby Fund.

If you know of a child who is struggling with a chronic or life threatening illness and would like to see them nominated for the Hero of the Month program contact Cindy Johnson at 768-6200.


Jayden Cormier


Brant Trombley

September Hero: Brant Trombley, Age 13 of Woodland- was diagnosed at age 3 with a Juvenile Astrocytoma. Struggling with a tumor the size of a softball, surgeons were able to remove 80% of the growth, which was considered a success. Receiving care at Maine Medical Center in Portland Brant recently underwent a second surgery which resulted in a partial removal of the tumor with a 3rd surgery following to completely remove it.

Brant is described by his parents Erinn Fitzgerald and Joseph Trombley as a very bright student, who while shying away from friends right now, receives a lot of support and encouragement from them. Brant considers himself blessed to come from a large extended family and has a special relationship with his grandmother who has been by his side every step of the way. He also encourages his siblings, Layne and Addison, not to worry that all will be well.

Brant enjoys reading, listening to music, playing X box and spending time with his very loving and devoted dog Gibbie. And while Brant knows there are many hurdles to overcome and visits to specialists ahead he remains optimistic and will continue to persevere.


Daymion Argraves


Reed Plummer

Reed Plummer, Age 12 of Washburn - was diagnosed at age 10 with a pure germinoma tumor on his spinal gland. Reed will undergo additional neurosurgery in March (2015) to remove the tumor, as well as, undergo 4 rounds of chemotherapy and 20 sessions of radiation. Due to the location of the tumor Reed also experiences double vision and problems with depth perception.

Mom, Trina Farley, say's Reed has an excellent attitude and, although he has missed several days of school due to medical appointments and illnesses, he maintains a 95 grade point average. Reed also enjoys playing X-Box 360 live so he can communicate with his friends during times of good and poor health.

Surrounded by a bevy of supportive family, friends, teachers, doctors, nurses and community members Reed continues to endure his trials with a positive outlook and finds great comfort in his dog and best friend Bailey.