Faith McNally

October Hero of the Month:Faith McNally

Faith McNally, age 8 of Island Falls, was diagnosed at birth with Spinal Bifida. Since then she has had numerous surgeries to correct the many defects caused by this disorder and continues to see specialists in Boston as new complications arise.

Her adoptive parents, Bruce and Beverly McNally, have shared that despite Faith’s restrictions to a wheelchair she remains “bright, loving and social,” in addition they credit her great attitude to the wonderful support of family and friends which include her Dyer Brook Community Church family.

In addition to receiving great care from her providers, Faith does receive outstanding transportation from PAL (Patient Airlift Services) who have flown her from Houlton to Boston numerous times.

Faith loves horseback riding, visiting her sister’s farm, going to camp and cats and was awarded a gift in the amount of $100 along with a video monitor from The Cubby Thriftstores.