Aria Brown

February Hero of the Month:Aria Brown

Aria Brown, age 2 of Wallagrass was diagnosed at birth with Cerebral Palsy. As a result this young quadriplegic receives care under an extensive team of medical providers where she travels to Scarborough, Bangor, Oakland, Presque Isle and Fort Kent frequently.

Despite receiving Botox injections to help with her muscle stiffness, and being very dependent upon her family and care givers for her daily needs, Aria remains a very happy child who enjoys watching movies, listening to music, playing with toys and spending time with her parents, Chris & Ashley Brown. Aria however, does get frustrated and upset when she is unable to reach for things or grasp toys and dislikes being left alone or time away from her mother.

Aria is described as a “very brave, young lady just beginning life’s journey,” who with a team of dedicated providers, case management supports and the love of her family and friends will strive and succeed.

Aria was awarded $100 through the Cubby Gives program along with the purchase of an adaptive bathing chair.

If you know of a child with a chronic or life threatening illness and would like to see them nominated for the Hero of the month program contact Cindy Johnson at: or 760-7070.