2014 August Hero of the Month

Jayden Cormier, age 9 of Presque Isle was diagnosed with a vascular malformation in February of 2013.  Since his diagnosis Jayden has had 8 surgeries with the last being the most frightening.  Jayden awoke to find his mouth bleeding profusely and was immediately shipped to Boston where he received 5 units of blood and a week’s stay in the hospital.  Since then Jayden fears that performing the simple acts of everyday life, including sleeping, will cause his mass to rupture and take his life.  Jayden is no longer allowed to run, play ball, gym or any other strenuous activities which may cause his blood pressure to rise and result in excessive bleeding.

Jayden is supported by his parents, twin sisters, and extended family and enjoys playing on his Ipad, Xbox and Pokemon cards with friends. Jayden is scheduled to undergo several surgeries in the upcoming months with a fundraiser currently underway (available at counter).