2012 July Hero of the Month

Serenity Cary, 3 months

Mars Hill was born with a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot-meaning four parts of her heart needed to be repaired with surgery.
“She had four defects in her heart-her aorta was too large and her pulmonary valve was too small, and she had a hole in her heart and the right ventricle muscle was too strong,” mom Samantha explained. Mom was pleased to report that her first surgery was a success and noted that, “since she had her surgery there’s a major difference in her. She’s a lot happier now; she smiles a whole lot more and laughs and giggles. And while mom knows Serenity will have to undergo a second surgery in her teens she remains optimistic that her condition will not limit her from running, jumping playing or even sports.
Cindy Johnson, Executive Director of The Cubby Fund, commented, “it is hard to imagine that she (Serenity) recently underwent corrective heart surgery-proof that blessings come in all sizes.”