2011 November Hero of the Month

Cheyanne,7,and Dakota Day, 5

of Easton. Cheyanne was diagnosed at 11 months with a genetic condition called kidney reflux which can result in kidney and bladder failure. After battling chronic infections Cheyanne underwent three major surgeries at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, during which surgeons removed one kidney and performed bladder reconstruction. The Day family typically stays at the Ronal McDonald House in Bangor during these trips.
Cheyanne a first grade student at the Easton Elementary School missed 78 days of school in 2010 which upset her greatly and brought her to tears. Mom, Denise, has said, “Cheyanne overall does quite well dealing with everything that is going on, she’s a trooper. “ Mom also notes that Cheyanne knows her limitations and is very tired after school and cannot participate in many of the extra activities. Cheyanne hopes to be placed on a kidney transplant list in the future.
Dakota, Cheyanne’s younger brother, was born with only one kidney but has thus far had no kidney-related problem. Both Cheyanne and Dakota were presented with a $100 each for their bravery in the face of adversity.