2011 March Hero of the Month

Olivia Gardner, 2

of Presque Isle was born with Cerebral Palsy a disorder caused by brain damage around the time of birth and marked by lack of muscle control, especially in the limbs. Olivia, adopted by Tonya and Ryan Garner stated that ‘since we’ve adopted Olivia we’ve become so aware of the special needs of community with children and there’s so much needed to get necessary treatments; as parents you need a little help.” And a little help and then some is what they got.
Olivia has an extensive support system with family and friends that constitute the unofficial Olivia fan club. Olivia described by family is a spit fire who knows what she wants and wants it right now. Olivia also responds well to music and dance as demonstrate while family and friends serenaded Olivia with verses from the Munchkin Land song from The Wizards of Oz.
When presented with the $50 check parents Ryan and Tonya matched the funds and handed it back. Dad said, “Olivia has so much and so many people around her that we wanted to help someone else who could really use the money.”
When asked why Olivia was chosen as the March hero, Cindy Johnson, Executive Director of the
Cubby Fund stated, “Her ability to strive and succeed is a lesson of hope to us all.”