Stenciled File Cabinet

September 2014 Up-Cycle


•metal filing cabinet
•good quality Primer
•foam roller, tray, paint brushes
•Country Chic Chalk Paint in Bliss and Simplicity (white)
•stencil and a foam roller
•clear acrylic sealer


1.Cover file cabinet with two coats of primer.
2.After my two primer coats I did two coats of Country Chic Chalk Paint in Bliss
3.Once the second coat had dried, I used a stencil from Martha Stewart Crafts and I went to town adding some serious flowery interest to her.
4.I used the end of a foam roller that I had dipped into my Simplicity Chalk Paint and then wiped most of it off against the edge of my container before gently pressing down directly onto the stencil.
5.I went with a sweeping pattern of flowers, starting with the larger flowers, then going back once they were dry and filling in the gaps with the smaller flower stencil. That way I wasn't rubbing my stencil against any wet flowers and smearing the paint every which way.
6.I also finished her off with a coat of a clear acrylic sealer rather.
7.You might notice that I skipped the standard handles to as well - instead I used a little bit of twine that I had on hand to make my own handle. I just cut it to length, fed it in through one hole and tied a knot at the end. Then I tied a second knot outside of that hole... measured the length I wanted and tied off a third knot, then inserted the last end of the twine in the second hole, and tied it off tightly to hold it all in place.