Decoupage Tissue Paper Candle Holders

October 2014 Up-Cycle


•Glass Candle Holders
•Rubbing Alcohol
•Cotton Balls
•Mod Podge
•Foam Brushes
•Tissue Paper


1.Start by cleaning the outer surface of your glass with your rubbing alcohol and cotton balls. This helps give you an even surface and allows the Mod Podge to stick better.
2.Once your holders are prepared, spread on a thin coat of Mod Podge using your foam brush. **Tip: I found that it was easier to get the surface even if you covered about a third of the holder, smoothed on your tissue paper and allowed that portion to dry before doing the next third. This allowed me to create a cleaner look.**
3.Next, gently place your tissue paper onto your candle holder. Keep in mind that tissue paper is very fragile so do not try to pull it to smooth out wrinkles. Instead, use the base of your thumb to gently flatten out any bubbles or wrinkles.
4.Trim off any excess tissue paper, leaving just enough to fold over the bottom to give your candle a seamless look. Repeat this process for all your candle holders using different patterns of tissue paper. Once all your holders are complete, use your foam brush to gently add a layer of Mod Podge over the tissue paper. I chose to do this is two sections, top and bottom, so that I had more control over the process and didn't have to worry about the edges sticking to my paper as they dried. Make sure you turn any edges under on the top and bottom of the candle holder and also secure the seam where your two sides meet.
5.After covering your entire candle with Mod Podge, allow it to dry completely. The Mod Podge will create a shiny barrier over the tissue paper and take away the look of wrinkles and bubbles. Once your candle holder is completely dry, place a candle inside of it.