May 2015

Supplies Needed:
- Potting Soil
- Moss Sheet
- River Pebbles
- *Activated Charcoal (available in the fish supply section of pet stores) *only needed for closed containers
- Drainage Stones (not shown)
- A varied assortment of plants (Ask your local gardening center which plants are best suited for terrariums).
- Glass enclosure such as cloches, vases, canisters, etc...,.
- **Base for your dome - **not needed if your container has a top opening ( I sanded the coating off of cake pans then soaked them in vinegar and peroxide mixture to give them a faux aged patina.)

1.Begin by laying a layer of stone on the bottom of your pan to allow for drainage.
2.Follow with a layer of activated charcoal and then a layer of potting soil mixed with activated charcoal. The charcoal is only needed if you are using a closed container like mine. The charcoal filters the air.
3.Arrange your plants as you would like and fill around them with potting soil. Create paths with the 'River Rock'.
4.Use an assortment of textures and colors to add visual interest.
5.The placement of miniature objects add an element of surprise to the enclosed oasis.
6.Finish by placing moss over any bare spots. Lightly water your newly planted garden with a spray bottle. Terrariums naturally recycle their own water, so they require minimal watering.
7.Carefully place your glass enclosure over your plantings. Place in indirect sunlight. Do not overwater.