Ribbon Wreath

May 2014 Up-Cycle


•Wreath (grapevine)
•Ribbon remnants/lace/shoe-laces/scarves, etc...
•Beads (optional)
•Spray paint (optional)


1.If you desire to change the color of your wreath spray paint per can directions and wait to dry fully before decorating.
2.Using remnant ribbon pieces alone or with other listed items tie around outside diameter of wreath alternating colors and patterns. Continue to fill until pleased with fullness of wreath. Beads may be tied to ends of ribbon if desired.
3.At top of wreath tie 4 individual ribbons to inner wreath forming a base for hanging the wreath. Grab and tie off 4 ribbons together leaving enough excess to tie off at top which will form a loop for hanging.
4.Once wreath is hanging, gather flowing ribbon and trim bottoms to desired length.
*Makes a great decorative addition to a child's bedroom, sun-porch or quiet nook.