Framed Birds

June 2014 Up-Cycle


•One large frame with wire backing (hook eyes and wire can be purchased from a dollar store)
•Spray paint (optional, if you desire to paint your frame)
•Printed card stock or paper (double sided card stock/paper saves time)
•Clear drying glue
•Thin twine, ribbon, yarn or string
•Medium to wide ribbon
•Small hole punch/awl or knitting needle


1.Once you have your frame make sure your wire backing is hanging the length of the frame vs. the width. Hang wire 2-3 inches from the top. Wire does not have to be stretched taut and can have a little slack. If spray painting follow can directions and allow to dry thoroughly.
2.In the meantime, prepare the birds. Using the pattern provided cut out as many birds as desired. If using single sided printed paper cut out the two sides of the bird and glue to make one. Different colors and patterns may be used for each side. This step may be omitted If using double sided paper or card stock.
3.Once the glue has dried punch a hole near the top of the bird's body. Cut a desired length of twine, ribbon, yarn or string and pull one end through the hole, gathering both ends of the twine at equal lengths. Once twine is gathered hold both pieces together and join a knot right above the bird's body (this will help keep the bird anchored when suspended).
4.Next suspend the bird from the wire by again holding both pieces of the twine together and tying in a knot.
5.Continue steps 4 & 5 alternating birds by size and pattern and at varying lengths as desired along the wired
6.In between sets of birds add medium to wide ribbon as desired or other ornaments.
7.When complete hang on your wall or door.