Concrete Garden Spheres

July 2014 Up-Cycle


•Quick-setting concrete (you can buy a bag or bucket of this at your local hardware store or Home Depot/Lowes)
•Lighting covers (try a thrift store or hardware store for cheap options) Make sure there are no cracks in them or they will break when you fill them with concrete!
•Non-stick cooking spray
•Small garden shovel
•Hammer-Safety Glasses + Gloves (for when you break away the glass)

1.Spray the inside of the lighting covers with non-stick cooking spray- it helps in breaking the glass away from the ball at the end!
2.Set the glass ball in a pile of dirt or sand so that it can't roll away while you're filling it and as it's curing.
3.We used a quick setting concrete found at most hardware stores. I like the ones with fine gravel. Pour the dry mix in the bucket (we poured about 1/2 the bag in) and then add water until it reaches the consistency of peanut butter...or maybe a little bit runnier. You don't want it too runny, but not too hard either. Play around with it.
4.Use a small garden shovel to fill the balls. After every scoop, give the ball a shake or twist to help it settle and break up any air bubbles.
5.Fill the ball to the top and try to make it as level as possible.
Let the balls sit for at least 24 hours to set up!
6.When the concrete has turned light, use a hammer to lightly tap the glass and break away pieces off the concrete ball. Make sure you wear gloves & safety glasses so you don't injure yourself! Throw away the glass and you're done!