Winter Wonderland Wine Glass Candle Holders

January 2017

Materials Used: Wine Glasses, Glitter Blast Spray Paint (Colors used: Diamond Dust, Sparkling Waters, and Sapphire Shimmer ) burlap, hemp, pine cones, bells, Snow Flakes, Hot glue and Hot glue gun, and Misc. embellishments, glitter.

Directions: Make sure your glasses are clean then spray with the glitter spray paint and let dry for 24 hours. Once dry use a hot glue gun to embellish the glasses any way you want. When finished face upside down and place a votive candle on the base.

NOTE: When spraying these you must treat it like any spray paint, you need to do it in coats and spray at a slight distance, if you get to close or spay too much in one spot at a time then the paint/ glitter can run. Shake the can VERY well before spraying to mix the glitter, this also helps to keep the can from clogging. If you live in a cold/ damp climate you need to take caution when spraying it may not tack up if its too cold out (you can spray them in a garage or somewhere warmer to help, but be careful of over spray in this case).