Pizza Pan Magnet Holder

January 2015

Large scrap of fabric
Pizza pan or cookie sheet
Modge Podge
Foam Brush

1.Coat the back of your pan with a generous coat of Mod Podge. Use a foam brush to apply.
2.Lay your fabric over the Mod Podge and smooth into place. Add more Mod Podge around the edges and into the creases and press your fabric into place - working around the edge a little at a time. (I recommend working slowly so that your fabric stays in place as the glue dries. If you work too quickly, you run the risk of pulling the fabric loose.)
3.Once your fabric is in place and the bond has started to set, trim around the edges. Try to maintain an even selvedge of about 1", but don't worry about perfection. This will be hidden on the backside of the pan.
4.Clip into your allowance about 3/4" all of the way around the pan. This will help you secure the edges into place and keep a smooth fit with little bulk.