Teacup Topiary

August 2013 Up-Cycle

Teacup & saucer
Spanish moss or sheet moss
Florist foam
Styrofoam ball
Kitchen knife/scissors
Glue gun & glue sticks
Wire-edged ribbon
Stick or cinnamon stick
Cut small piece of florist's foam with a kitchen knife to snugly fit in cup.
Force stick into florist's foam to make a hole. Add hot glue to bottom of stick then insert stick into center of florist's foam.
Using a glue gun glue moss over florist's foam, concealing foam completely. Trim excess moss with scissors as desired.
Use hot glue to cover foam ball with moss. Trim as desired with scissors. Leave a small space to insert stick.
Add hot glue to top of stick and insert stick into Styrofoam ball.
Wrap ribbon around stick just below moss ball. Tie into a bow and trim tails.