2012 Heroes


Mariah Cameron


Sean Keegan


Jada Robins

Jada Robins, 8 of Caribou, was born with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, bilateral-hydrocephalus and a malformed kidney has recently been diagnosed with blindness and global developmental delay. Due to a sensitive immune system Jada is no longer able to attend public school but receives her education at home via a very dedicated teacher Miss Victoria Jones. Jada also has two very protective and patient siblings: Abbie, 9 and Tristan 5.

This young lady who was not expected to survive very long after her birth has continued to defy all odds through her perseverance and support of her family.

Parents Jessica and Travis Robbins ascribe their positive outlook to having faith and hope and, "while life takes you on a lot of high and lows-you just pull the strength from somewhere-you have to be able to handle the ride." And while the Robbins family realizes Jada has many more health challenges to face they feel confident that she will emerge triumphant from any situation.

Jada was presented with a $100 check by the Caribou Cubby store manager, Jodi Cate.


Liam Doughty

Liam Doughty (newborn) Fort Fairfield was born with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis Syndrome a rare but potentially fatal disease. At age one month Liam received care at Tufts for his blood disorder. Liam received $100 on behalf of The Cubby Fund as well as additional assistance.


Alyssa Thibodeau


Zyen Provost

Zyen Provost, 3 Caribou was officially diagnosed with a rare and potentially fatal disease called X-linked lymphoproliferative (XLP) or Duncan's Syndrome. Under the care of his great-grandparents Ryan and Karyn Pinnette, Zyen started chemotherapy treatments at Children's Boston Hospital in May of 2012. Following treatments Zyen received a bone marrow transplant at which time following surgery he needed to be isolated. Karyn commented, "Zyen cannot go outside without a mask on his little face because of his compromised immune system and because of the chance he may become ill.

Following the bone marrow transplant Zyen will receive care at Eastern Maine Medical Center and then to Dana Farber in Boston for a year so that they may monitor his progress and make sure the transplant is not rejected.

When asked about the extensiveness of his care Zyen's great-grandparents responded, "it is a small price to pay to help our little trooper on his road to recovery.

Zyen was the recipient of $100 plus additional assistance on behalf of The Cubby Fund.


Serenity Cary

Serenity Cary, 3 months Mars Hill was born with a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot-meaning four parts of her heart needed to be repaired with surgery.

"She had four defects in her heart-her aorta was too large and her pulmonary valve was too small, and she had a hole in her heart and the right ventricle muscle was too strong," mom Samantha explained. Mom was pleased to report that her first surgery was a success and noted that, "since she had her surgery there's a major difference in her. She's a lot happier now; she smiles a whole lot more and laughs and giggles. And while mom knows Serenity will have to undergo a second surgery in her teens she remains optimistic that her condition will not limit her from running, jumping playing or even sports.

Cindy Johnson, Executive Director of The Cubby Fund, commented, "it is hard to imagine that she (Serenity) recently underwent corrective heart surgery-proof that blessings come in all sizes."


Makenna Ward

Makenna Ward, 5 of Houlton was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma. After 1 ½ years of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, multiple surgeries and two bone marrow transplants Makenna went into remission. News, Elizabeth Wipperman, Makenna's aunt called "ever so sweet." But the good news was not to last. In March of 2012 Makenna's disease made its unwanted appearance and Makenna was once again fighting for her life.

When asked why Makenna should be nominated for the August hero of the month Elizabeth noted, "No child should ever have to deal with these tests and trials but my niece has and with a fighting spirit. I admire the strength and tenacity shown through all of this by Makenna and her family. This family is a true example of love and heroism."

It is with great loss that we acknowledge the passing of Makenna in December of 2013.


Robert and Andrew Farley

Robert, 18, and Andrew, 15 Farley of Woodland, brothers, both have leukodystrophy a rare disorder that consists of progressive degeneration of the white matter of the brain due to imperfect growth or development of the myelin sheath, the fatty covering that acts as an insulator around nerve fiber. While this disease does impair mental and physical development it has not impaired the attitude and spirit of the two brothers.

Roommates at the Caribou rehab and Nursing Center, parents Albert and Nicole Farley commented that the siblings s light up with adoration when they see visitors and doting staff. Regarding the decision to have them placed in residential care mom added, "It was an extremely difficult decision but we now have more security. Knowing that they have the constant professional care, we can be more relaxed with them. They are in good hands.

Both boys were nominated by family friend Ricketta Belanger who recognized them for their tremendous spirit and perseverance. Both boys were awarded $100 by The Cubby Fund Executive Director, Cindy Johnson.


Tori Drost


Stephanie Knoll


Stephen Drost

Stephen Drost, 2 Washburn was diagnosed with T-Cell non-Hodgkins Lymphoblastic Lymphoma in 2011. Lymphoblastic lymphoma is a very aggressive form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL), which often occurs in young patients, but not exclusively.

Stephen has the support of a loving family, grandparents and community and was the recipient of a benefit supper and silent auction which raised funds to assist with his care, travel and lodging as well as other expenses which will be incurred during his two and a half years of treatment.

While we were unable to meet with Stephen due to his delicate physical condition we were able to award him with $100 on behalf of The Cubby Fund.

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