2011 Heroes


Landen Owens

Landen Owens, 5 of Limestone was diagnosed with acute lymphoblast leukemia a type of blood cancer that develops in the bone marrow. Since his diagnosis Landen and his mother have travelled to Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor where he underwent extensive treatments. Landen had the opportunity of participating in Relay for Life with his mother Naomi in which he was pulled around the outdoors track in a wagon.

After the 15th day of initial treatment Landen's leukemia went into remission. His mother attributes this to his "being a wicked strong boy, who never puts up a fight or fuss when undergoing treatment." Mom also stressed the need to stay positive and never give up and to continue facing forward.

Landen lost his battle to cancer in his home on April 17, 2011. His final days were spent surrounded by family and friends that Landen had touched in some small way throughout his short, yet very memorable life. His family reminds others "that Landen's life was one to be celebrated. While we miss him every day, he will forever remain in our hearts."


Ashlynn Rose

Ashlynn Rose, 5 of Caribou was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2006. Leukemia is the most common type of cancer in children and teens, is a cancer of the white blood cells. Following chemotherapy treatments in Bangor over a 9 -month period in 2007 her illness was and remains in remission. When asked how Ashlynn did with treatments mom says, "she did just fine and didn't experience any of the severe side-effects or lose her hair. " They now travel for check-ups every 6 months but overall Ashlynn is doing fine.

When awarded their $50 check on behalf of The Cubby Fund mom, Erica, had already decided to pay it forward by donating the money to the Ronald McDonald house of Bangor in appreciation for all they had done for Ashlynn when she was ill and stressed the importance of giving back to their organization so they can continue to help other families.


Olivia Gardner

Olivia Gardner, 2 of Presque Isle was born with Cerebral Palsy a disorder caused by brain damage around the time of birth and marked by lack of muscle control, especially in the limbs. Olivia, adopted by Tonya and Ryan Garner stated that 'since we've adopted Olivia we've become so aware of the special needs of community with children and there's so much needed to get necessary treatments; as parents you need a little help." And a little help and then some is what they got.

Olivia has an extensive support system with family and friends that constitute the unofficial Olivia fan club. Olivia described by family is a spit fire who knows what she wants and wants it right now. Olivia also responds well to music and dance as demonstrate while family and friends serenaded Olivia with verses from the Munchkin Land song from The Wizards of Oz.

When presented with the $50 check parents Ryan and Tonya matched the funds and handed it back. Dad said, "Olivia has so much and so many people around her that we wanted to help someone else who could really use the money."

When asked why Olivia was chosen as the March hero, Cindy Johnson, Executive Director of the Cubby Fund stated, "Her ability to strive and succeed is a lesson of hope to us all."


Destiny Theriault

Destiny Theriault, 5 of Washburn was born with Apraxia a chronic disease which prevents her from being able to speak. While destiny primarily communicates through sign language she has learned to operate a computerized communication device which was loaned to her by Child Development Services. Through generous community support and fundraisers Destiny's family is hoping to raise the $7,000 to purchase her own communication device.

Cindy Johnson, Executive Director of The Cubby Fund stated that she "feels confident that throughout the generous efforts of members in the surrounding communities, Destiny will be successful in purchasing her much desired electronic voice box, allowing her to attend kindergarten in the fall as a confident and vocal young lady, continuing to easily interact and inspire her peers.

Destiny was awarded $50 along with additional support from The Cubby Fund.


Hadley McLean

Hadley McLean, 8 of Presque Isle was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, an aggressive malignant brain tumor and underwent surgery in April 2011 at Children's Hospital Boston. Hadley's parents, who never left her side, acknowledge she has a very long road of recovery including therapy, radiation treatments and chemotherapy.

Hadley is described as a vibrant, beautiful little girl, courteous, caring and very compassionate who is like a magnet, attracting others to herself and remaining in one's heart forever. Very active, Hadley enjoys dancing, playing the piano, fishing, bike riding and working in the garden. She also enjoys spending time with her grandparents.

Hadley was recognized as the May hero and received a check for $50 along with additional support on behalf of The Cubby Fund.


Rachel Driscoll

Rachel Driscoll, 12 of Washburn was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma a type of blood cancer. When asked why Rachel thought she was chosen as the June hero of the month she paused and responded, "Because I try to have a good attitude." And indeed she does as mom, Marci, stated that when they travel down to Bangor for appointments she always makes a point to thank the nurses even when she has to get a shot. And when Rachel lost her hair to treatments she donned a cap for school and took it in stride.

School is important to Rachel as she plans on becoming a veterinarian some day in order to help other animals feel better. Along with caring for her family dog, cat, turtle and three fish she enjoys camping with her family at Trafton Lake.

Cindy Johnson, Executive Director of The Cubby Fund has described Rachel as having a really sweet demeanor and positive disposition. An overall very pleasant and affable young lady.

Rachel Driscoll is presented with a $100 check by Cindy Johnson, Executive Director of The Cubby Fund. Also shown, back row. Mom Marci and from left her sisters Emily 9, and Hilary 5.


Zachary Cote


Kevin Stubbs


Nicholas Ayotte


Rachel Ashton

Rachel Ashton, 7 Caribou was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome a genetic disorder which results in multiple facial disorders for which there is no known cure. When she was one day old Rachel underwent her first surgery since that day she has had a total of 16 surgeries and will continue to require more. The step by step surgeries involve the correction facial deformities as well as other procedures.

Salena (mom) stressed that often times people stare at her daughter or make blatant comments. She feels it is very important for parents of children with medical conditions to be open with others, most times it creates a comfort level, enabling them to ask questions and understand.

Salena also describes Rachel as "a fighter, and it is her fighting attitude that allows her to heal quickly. She is a very strong willed little girl. She doesn't ask why she has this medical condition and is very quick to forgive those who are mean or rude to her.

Rachel was awarded $100 on behalf of The Cubby Fund.


Cheyanne and Dakota Day

Cheyanne,7,and Dakota Day, 5 of Easton. Cheyanne was diagnosed at 11 months with a genetic condition called kidney reflux which can result in kidney and bladder failure. After battling chronic infections Cheyanne underwent three major surgeries at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, during which surgeons removed one kidney and performed bladder reconstruction. The Day family typically stays at the Ronal McDonald House in Bangor during these trips.

Cheyanne a first grade student at the Easton Elementary School missed 78 days of school in 2010 which upset her greatly and brought her to tears. Mom, Denise, has said, "Cheyanne overall does quite well dealing with everything that is going on, she's a trooper. " Mom also notes that Cheyanne knows her limitations and is very tired after school and cannot participate in many of the extra activities. Cheyanne hopes to be placed on a kidney transplant list in the future.

Dakota, Cheyanne's younger brother, was born with only one kidney but has thus far had no kidney-related problem. Both Cheyanne and Dakota were presented with a $100 each for their bravery in the face of adversity.


Kylie Pelletier

Kylie Pelletier, 6 of Frenchville was diagnosed with leukemia in December of 2010. A very personable young lady she received chemotherapy treatments at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor until February of 2013. Kylie also endured a lumbar puncture every three months and has been in remission for 11 months. According to her parents, Jeff and Sherrie, she has not had to deal with any major side effects from her treatments and 'is the bravest little girl I've ever seen, "states mom, "who gives us our strength to go on.
Kylie a first grade student at the Dr. Levesque Elementary school in Frenchville loves school and her teacher, Amy Bouchard. She also enjoys going to school and got all S's on her report card. She has a younger brother Ryan.

The family also shared that throughout Kylie's illness they have had tremendous support from family, friends and members of the community and couldn't have gotten through everything without their support. "That is what is so great about living in a small community-everyone works together," Kylie was presented with $100 from The Cubby Fund

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