Up-Cycle Projects

What is up-cycling?

Up-cycling is taking an item that is no longer needed or wanted and giving it new life as something that is either useful or creative.

Every month The Cubby Thriftstores strive to create a unique, one-of-a-kind piece out of everyday items found in our stores. When visiting one of our locations, be sure to check out our newest up-cycle projects on-display and pick-up a full set of instructions.  If you’ve completed an up-cycle project on your own, we’d love to see your picture and share it on our site! Please fill out this form and upload your picture!

Again, we thank you for your patronage and happy up-cycling!!

  • 2017

    Winter Wonderland Wine Glass Candle Holder
    Sharpie Painted Mug
    Solar Light Sconces
    Caribou Store - Tea Pot Bird Feeder
    Madawaska Store - Tea Cup Bird Feeder
    Presque Isle-Portable Ice Fishing stove
    Whats Cooking Recipe Holder
    Tool-box planter
  • 2016

    Sewing Pattern Flowers
    Burlap Wrapped Vases
    Step Into Spring
    Paper Flowers
    Metallic Confetti Tumblers
    Driftwood Art Deco
    American Flag Candle Log
    Back to school apple mason jar
    Decorative Light Switch Covers
    Candy Corn Pumpkins
    Mason Jar Lamp
    Glass Ornament Christmas Topiary
  • 2015

    Pizza Pan Magnet Holder
    Hanger Necklace Holder
    Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed
    Teacup & Saucer Pincushion
    Spray Paint Tank Top/T-Shirt
    Patriotic Burlap Table Runner
    Flag Painted Shutter
    Autumn Starfish
    Dryer Vent Hose Pumpkin
    Chalkboard Phrase Decoration
  • 2014

    Heart Patterned Jeans
    Refrigerator Tins
    Cassette Shelf Ribbon Holder
    Tile Coasters
    Ribbon Wreath
    Framed Birds
    Concrete Garden Sphere
    Tee Shirt Bags
    Stencilled File Cabinet
    Decoupage Tissue Paper Candle Holders
    Dress Shirt Apron
    Charming Cookie Cutter Candles
  • 2013

    Cassette Tape Pencil Holder
    Game Board Trinket Box
    Book Purse
    Button Bouqet
    Decoupage Shoes
    T-shirt Clothespin Bag
    4th of July Napkins
    Teacup Topiary
    Vinyl Record Bowls
    Candy Corn Centerpiece
    Leather Belt Bracelet
    Puzzle Peace T-shirt