Zachary Bearor

Zachary Bearor 

The Cubby Thriftstores: May Hero of the Month

13 Year Old Zachary Bearor


May Hero of the Month:

Zachary Bearor, age 13 of Island falls was recently diagnosed with glioblastoma, a tumor which grows on the brain.  What began as ‘just headaches’ was identified through a biopsy as cancer. Since his recent diagnosis, and in an attempt to save Zach’s life, surgeons have removed a large part of the tumor growth.

Presently, Zach is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation five days a week which will last for a period of six weeks. Because of his treatments, and numerous doctor appointments, Zach is unable to participate in the many activities he once enjoyed: playing the trumpet, riding his bike and time rough housing with his friends. Zach has also had to brave great anxiety and fear related to his illness.

Zach enjoys putting Lego’s together, watching cartoons, playing games on his Xbox 1, listening to Christian music and watching his favorite movie God is Not Dead. Zach is currently in the process of having his wish granted to visit LegoLand in Florida.

Zach is described by his parents, Kevin & Bunny Bearor as “an incredibly caring and kind son who even while hurting wishes to give and do for others” and who, “Lights up their world.”

Zach was nominated for the Hero of the Month program by good family friend Ruth Frazier and received $100 through the Cubby Thriftstores that he may pick out and purchase all the Legos he wants.