July American Flag Candle Log


  1. Find a log of desired width and length
  2. Decide where you want your holes (mark them with an x).
  3. Decide what size the holes need to be to t your candles. Be sure to use glass tea lights.
  4. Drill your holes with a big bit. We used a 1 1/4 inch bit. Wear eye protection.
  5. If you decide to paint it, plan out your design on a sheet of paper first.
  6. I used paint with primer in it.
  7. For the American flag design, I painted 2/3’s of it red first.
  8. It took 4 coats.
  9. Then, I taped o where I wanted the blue to begin and painted the last third blue.
  10. Make sure it dries thoroughly.
  11. Then, I used these foam brushes from the craft store to paint the white stripes.
  12. I wanted a rustic look, so I wasn’t worried if they were uneven
  13. I made the star stencil with some clear plastic I had from a sticker wrapper. I just winged the stars with no measuring. I held the stencil in place while I gently tapped on the white. The stars are staggered on the American Flag, so I was sure to do that. Again, no need to be perfect.
  14. Don’t forget to paint the ends.
  15. Then I sanded the heck out of it with hand held sand paper (any grit will due). It really finished it off nicely.
  16. Time to light that baby up.Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 11.22.00 AM