2014 September Hero of the Month

September Hero: Brant Trombley, Age 13 of Woodland- was diagnosed at age 3 with a Juvenile Astrocytoma. Struggling with a tumor the size of a softball, surgeons were able to remove 80% of the growth, which was considered a success.   Receiving care at Maine Medical Center in Portland Brant recently underwent a second surgery which resulted in a partial removal of the tumor with a 3rd surgery following to completely remove it.

Brant is described by his parents Erinn Fitzgerald and Joseph Trombley as a very bright student, who while shying away from friends right now, receives a lot of support and encouragement from them.  Brant considers himself blessed to come from a large extended family and has a special relationship with his grandmother who has been by his side every step of the way.  He also encourages his siblings, Layne and Addison, not to worry that all will be well.

Brant enjoys reading, listening to music, playing X box and spending time with his very loving and devoted dog Gibbie.  And while Brant knows there are many hurdles to overcome and visits to specialists ahead he remains optimistic and will continue to persevere.