2014 May Hero of the Month

Allison Spooner, Age 3

of Houlton was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2013. Along with taking medication daily, Allison travels to Maine Medical Partners Neurology in Scarborough frequently for continual care. A single seizure will drain Allison of all energy causing this toddler to sleep the day away. Allison has also suffered a major seizure in which she stopped breathing. The magnitude of her seizures also makes her prone for Todd’s paralysis, a paralysis which can cause weakness to one side of the body.
Allison, while not fully understanding of her condition, enjoys time with her grandparents, playing with her friends, outside trips to the park; watching Dora, My Little Pony and Jake the Pirate. She is described by her mother, Leah Codrey as, “a very loving child who tries to live life to the fullest” and to date has been seizure free for 11 weeks!
Allison was the recipient of $100 on behalf of The Cubby Fund as well as additional assistance.