2014 January Hero of the Month

Brody Michaud, age 11,

of Fort Kent son of Crystal Michaud, was born with an aortic stenosis and currently meets monthly with cardiologists throughout the state to closely monitor his heart. Born with this condition Brody fatigues easily with physical activities and often struggles to keep up with his peers limiting his interactions. Brody will need open heart surgery within the next few years to replace his valve and relies on the support of his family members who recognize him as, “a wonderful child with a zest for life.”

In addition to his physical condition Brody struggles with ADHD and Autism but despite his limitations manages to do what most of his peers can and finds great joy in his pets, Spook and Max along with playing his IPad.

Brody was awarded $100 by The Cubby Fund as the January Hero of the month.