2014 February Hero of the Month

Devon Maynard, 15

of Washburn son of Jennie Bouchard, was diagnosed at age 6 with cholesteatoma a destructive, abnormal tissue growth that typically occurs in the middle ear causing hearing impairment. Devon has had numerous surgeries to help him hear better but notwithstanding these procedures Devon still needs the assistance of hearing aids in both ears to make sounds loud enough for him distinguish. Without his left hearing aid Devon has no access to sound on his left side.

Unlike most teenagers, Devon cannot really hear music. However, through the generosity of The Cubby Fund Devon received an IPod (valued at $200). With this device he can now connect his hearing aid through a wireless Bluetooth which will allow him to hear music well for the first time.

Along with music Devon loves art, sports and video games and was nominated for The Hero of the Month program by Polly Earl, Consultant for the Maine Educational Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.