2014 November Hero of the Month

Reed Plummer, Age 12 of Washburn- was diagnosed at age 10 with a pure germinoma tumor on his spinal gland.  Reed will undergo additional neurosurgery in March (2015) to remove the tumor, as well as, undergo 4 rounds of chemotherapy and 20 sessions of radiation.  Due to the location of the tumor Reed also experiences double vision and problems with depth perception.

Mom, Trina Farley, say’s Reed has an excellent attitude and, although he has missed several days of school due to medical appointments and illnesses, he maintains a 95 grade point average.  Reed also enjoys playing X-Box 360 live so he can communicate with his friends during times of good and poor health.

Surrounded by a bevy of supportive family, friends, teachers, doctors, nurses and community members Reed continues to endure his trials with a positive outlook and finds great comfort in his dog and best friend Bailey.

Reed looks forward to having his wish granted through MakeAWish of Maine in 2015.