2013 October Hero of the Month

Mason Dennett, 2

Presque Isle is believed to have Angelman Syndrome a condition known by sever developmental delay, speech difficulties , and seizure disorders. Mom, Jessica, knew something wasn’t right when he was still wearing 3 month old clothing at 8 months and still wasn’t rolling over.
Mason can currently speak up to 50 words and goes for speech, physical and occupational therapy weekly. The parent’s also use sign language to communicate with Mason and while mom acknowledges that her son understand what is said to him he struggles to communicate back and becomes easily frustrated. Mason who turns 3 in December is developmentally at the stage of a one year old.
Parents travel to Bangor and Scarborough a lot to see Doctors for his seizures at which time he his sedated for MRI’s. Mom has compared Mason’s seizures to a forest fire, which can come on in a flash.
Mom is hoping to raise awareness of Angelman Syndrome, once known as “happy puppet syndrome” because those with the condition often smile a lot. Mason looks forward to starting school and enjoys playing soccer with his older brother Brayden, 5. Mom remains optimistic that with the proper medicine Mason’s seizures will be managed and not affect his daily life.