2013 May Hero of the Month

Tristan Kinney, 2

of Caribou was born with pulmonary heart disease. After a surgery to correct the condition he did not receive enough oxygen and lost 66% of his brain function, leaving him with developmental delays. Because of this Tristan undergoes numerous weekly and monthly appointments with cardiologists and neurologists throughout the state. Tristan is also on numerous medications and destined to be in a wheelchair as he will never be able to walk.
Despite these challenges Tristan’s family remains optimistic and mom, Allyson Adams, has commented that “he’s always happy, always smiling, even when he’s sick. “ And while Tristan’s prognosis may be uncertain, he and his family definitely are not, “He’s a miracle. Four times they have told us he wouldn’t make it, and he’s still here.”
Tristan’s family attributes his quality of care to a giving community. From the Woodland Baptist Church lending them a hand, to The Cubby Fund purchasing an adaptive care seat for Tristan, and the outstanding dedication of “Nana” Sharon Peter, the outcome seems positive.