2013 March Hero of the Month

Elijah Tarbox, 11

of Easton was diagnosed in 2011 with Andrenoleukodystropy or ALD. ALD is a neurological disorder that effects one in every 17, 900 boys worldwide. With symptoms usually occurring between the ages of 4 and 10 and affects the brain demyelination –the stripping away of the fatty coating that keeps nerve pulses confined and maintains the integrity of nerve signals.
Mom, Jessica Harding, noted that they typically make a trip to Boston about every three months. The family also travels to Massachusetts General regularly to a medical teaching facility where mother and son see specialists for their shared disorder. When asked about undergoing hours of testing Elijah said, “The worst part about it is I don’t like having my blood drawn, but I like the memory games.” Memory tests are performed to ensure the disorder is not affecting the brain.
Mom had credited her community for helping the family through difficult times, “coming from a small community and having a good school system-if anyone noticies anything, they pick up on it. We’ve had a lot of community support.”