2013 April Hero of the Month

Abigail Johnston, 4

of Caribou hadn’t been feeling well for a couple of months prior to her diagnosis of leukemia. Explaining to a 4 year old what it means to have cancer of the white blood cells would seem to be very complex but parents Michael and Debbie expressed the information simply, “we explained to her that her blood is sick, and her blood is coughing and sneezing but you can’t see it and this is why we have to go to the doctor to make your blood feel better.”
The road to getting better isn’t an easy one with the family travelling down to Bangor and Brewer for treatments weekly during which some appointments she is hooked up to an IV for up to 12 hours a day. And while the Johnston’s credit Abigail’s doctors and medical staff for making treatments as smooth as possible; Michaels made one thing smooth to help out Abigail-his head.
Since Abigail began losing her hair due to chemotherapy dad began shaving his head nightly with her help of course. “We asked her if I should grow my hair back and she said, “no daddy can’t grow his hair back because I don’t want to be the only one without hair.”
When asked about the family’s outlook dad, Michael had to say, “She’s gone through quite a bit, but the prognosis is good-she just has a long road ahead of her.”