2012 March Hero of the Month

Jada Robins, 8

of Caribou, was born with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, bilateral-hydrocephalus and a malformed kidney has recently been diagnosed with blindness and global developmental delay. Due to a sensitive immune system Jada is no longer able to attend public school but receives her education at home via a very dedicated teacher Miss Victoria Jones. Jada also has two very protective and patient siblings: Abbie, 9 and Tristan 5.
This young lady who was not expected to survive very long after her birth has continued to defy all odds through her perseverance and support of her family.
Parents Jessica and Travis Robbins ascribe their positive outlook to having faith and hope and, “while life takes you on a lot of high and lows-you just pull the strength from somewhere-you have to be able to handle the ride.” And while the Robbins family realizes Jada has many more health challenges to face they feel confident that she will emerge triumphant from any situation.
Jada was presented with a $100 check by the Caribou Cubby store manager, Jodi Cate.