2012 June Hero of the Month

Zyen Provost, 3

Caribou was officially diagnosed with a rare and potentially fatal disease called X-linked lymphoproliferative (XLP) or Duncan’s Syndrome. Under the care of his great-grandparents Ryan and Karyn Pinnette, Zyen started chemotherapy treatments at Children’s Boston Hospital in May of 2012. Following treatments Zyen received a bone marrow transplant at which time following surgery he needed to be isolated. Karyn commented, “Zyen cannot go outside without a mask on his little face because of his compromised immune system and because of the chance he may become ill.
Following the bone marrow transplant Zyen will receive care at Eastern Maine Medical Center and then to Dana Farber in Boston for a year so that they may monitor his progress and make sure the transplant is not rejected.
When asked about the extensiveness of his care Zyen’s great-grandparents responded, “it is a small price to pay to help our little trooper on his road to recovery.
Zyen was the recipient of $100 plus additional assistance on behalf of The Cubby Fund.