2011 October Hero of the Month

Rachel Ashton, 7

Caribou was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome a genetic disorder which results in multiple facial disorders for which there is no known cure. When she was one day old Rachel underwent her first surgery since that day she has had a total of 16 surgeries and will continue to require more. The step by step surgeries involve the correction facial deformities as well as other procedures.
Salena (mom) stressed that often times people stare at her daughter or make blatant comments. She feels it is very important for parents of children with medical conditions to be open with others, most times it creates a comfort level, enabling them to ask questions and understand.
Salena also describes Rachel as “a fighter, and it is her fighting attitude that allows her to heal quickly. She is a very strong willed little girl. She doesn’t ask why she has this medical condition and is very quick to forgive those who are mean or rude to her.
Rachel was awarded $100 on behalf of The Cubby Fund.