2011 December Hero of the Month

Kylie Pelletier, 6

of Frenchville was diagnosed with leukemia in December of 2010. A very personable young lady she received chemotherapy treatments at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor until February of 2013. Kylie also endured a lumbar puncture every three months and has been in remission for 11 months. According to her parents, Jeff and Sherrie, she has not had to deal with any major side effects from her treatments and ‘is the bravest little girl I’ve ever seen, “states mom, “who gives us our strength to go on.
Kylie a first grade student at the Dr. Levesque Elementary school in Frenchville loves school and her teacher, Amy Bouchard. She also enjoys going to school and got all S’s on her report card. She has a younger brother Ryan.
The family also shared that throughout Kylie’s illness they have had tremendous support from family, friends and members of the community and couldn’t have gotten through everything without their support. “That is what is so great about living in a small community-everyone works together,”
Kylie was presented with $100 from The Cubby Fund